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Welcome to Christopher Wiehl’s

School Psychology Page


Who is Christopher Wiehl?

Christopher Wiehl is an up and coming School Psychologist from the Central New York area. Christopher has always been interested in what made people who they were and what made them unique. Christopher has always wanted to be in a field where he would be able to help others. He received his Bachelors of Science at the University at Buffalo in 2011 and then took some time off. During this time, he worked as a school substitute working with elementary school students. While working with one of the students, he noticed how far the child was falling behind and that the teachers were moving on without this student knowing anything. Chris realized then that he needed to find a way to help this student. He wanted to know why the student was struggling. Christopher asked what he could do and was directed to the field of School Psychology. He applied for the Masters program at SUNY Oswego and was accepted. Two years of schooling, training, and internships later, Christopher is ready to get to work!

Christopher has experience
presenting and working with
students 1:1 and as a group.

Christopher is a huge supporter and promoter
of Positive Behaviors in Schools. Working
toward a school-wide goal to improve
behavior, academics, and the environment.



Determining strengths and weaknesses
using a wide variety of tools and skills.


Work together with Staff, Parents,
and Students to improve student and school success.

Recommendations for Placement

Recommend placement and educational programs to
promote maximum student success.



Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Anticipated June 2016
CPI Certified, Crisis Prevention Institute, November 2015
Certification, Mental Health First Aid, Madison-Oneida BOCES, November 2015


Masters, School Psychology
Anticipated May 2016
State University of Oswego, Oswego, NY

B.S., Psychology
May 2011
University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY


Profficent use of cognitive, academic, behavioral and adaptive tests including, but not limited to the WISC-V, RIAS-2, WAIS-IV, WASI-II, KTEA-3, WIAT-III, DAS-II, PPVT-4, WJ-IV, BASC-3, Bender Gestalt II, Vineland-II, Conners 3, TONI-4, and KABC-II.

Created several self-completing Excel and Word documents to aid in efficient report writing.

Familiarity with website building and managing.

Professional magician which is used to build rapport and supply rewards as well as to enhance presentations, lectures, and meetings.

Member, National Association of School Psychologists, September 2015

Member, New York Association of School Psychologists, September 2015 – Attended the NYASP Conference in Verona NY in October 2015.


School Psychology Intern
September 2015 to Present
Camden Central Schools, Camden, NY

  • Coordinated with students, staff, and parents to help improve the academic, behavior, and emotional success of the students.
  • Performed psycho-educational evaluations.
  • Counseled with students to achieve personal, social, and emotional adjustment goals.
  • Presented on the topics of tolerance, conflict resolution and executive functioning.
  • Worked in multidisciplinary teams to create and implement IEPs.
  • Interpreted and effectively communicated test results, in terms of norms,
    reliability, and validity, to teachers, counselors, students, and others.

School Psychology Practicum

September 2014 to May 2015
Syracuse City School District, Syracuse, NY

  • Conducted researched based reading, writing, and math interventions.
  • Presented psycho-educational evaluation findings at Committee on Special Education meetings.
  • Consulted with teachers to form FBA and BIP plans and progress monitored trends.
  • Researched a systems school problem which resulted in a 25% increase of social work room efficiency.


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